Klangtherapie [Techno Rebellion]

CHILL UP resident.

Klangtherapie (DJ)

We trust Klangtherapie, aka Michael Steiner from Germany with everything from deep / progressive house vibes to hardest techno beats…he will always make sure you’ll have a night to remember! Playing electronic music since 2015, Klangtherapie has developed his own unique style. He’s part of the lineup at our venue on most Mondays, Thursdays and every second Sunday and also hosts his own Techno Rebellion project once a month at the CHILL UP, bringing true, hard techno back to the island.

Besides CHILL UP he’s also regularly playing in other places on the island, e.g. OXA Beach, Retro Mountain, La Plage & Hideout.

Check out our Livestreams & Recordings page to listen to Klangtherapie!

Jo Moontribe

Jo Moontribe [Zero1 Music]

Psytrance / PSYDAYS

Jo Moontribe

Jo Moontribe is a DJ and party organizer from Malta. He has been involved in the music scene since the mid-eighties, starting with rock music and moving on to techno, house, and now psytrance, playing full-on/twilight psychedelic trance.

He has played at countless festivals and venues around Asia and Europe and contributed to Ban Sabaii, Blackmoon Culture on Koh Phangan and The Experience Festival (Koh Tao).

He currently organizes our weekly free psytrance party called PSYDAYS.

Follow Psydays on Facebook for event updates and listen to our Psytrance playlist on Mixcloud for liveset recordings by Jo Moontribe + friends!

Osman Gayatree

Osman Gayatree

Sunday at the Chill Up (Bi-weekly)

DJ Osman Gayatree

About Chill Up Koh Phangan

Come down to Chill Up for a fun night out.

Killer sound, unique vibe, pool table and yummy food / drinks. 2nd floor with lounge bar + view on the dancefloor now open!

Chill Up Koh Phangan